Best Broadband Comparison Sites?

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I was just wondering which are the best broadband comparison sites? The best known is probably Uswitch, a great site for checking out Electricity and Gas suppliers amongst other services but when it comes to broadband deals, I would imagine it’s better to look at something more specialised. The whole tone of Uswitch is all about finding the cheapest deals, because after all, the electricity supplied by one company is exactly the same as that by another. It’s the same electricity, even if you opt for the green power deals. But broadband is a service that varies greatly from one provider to the next, and from the same provider from week to week and even hour to hour. Saving a few pounds a month on broadband deals would be a terrible false economy if it means putting up with an increase in the agony and frustration of outages. And if your business is at all dependent on having a broadband internet connection then you want the most reliable available, as well as the best speed you can obtain.

So you need to check out the limitations on the fastest potential speeds available for your specific telephone line connection and then find the most reliable supplier at that speed. Only if all other things are as far as can be ascertained equal, would you then go on to pick the cheapest. But who are the beat broadband comparison sites the start with?

Broadband Deals for - Broadband Comparison - uSwitch com

Broadband Deals for - Broadband Comparison - uSwitch com

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Fibre Broadband for Best Rural Broadband Deals

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In this inspiring video, fibre optic cable is laid across fields, woods and gateways in order to bring high speed fibre broadband to a handful of houses in a rural location.

The message is clear, don’t wait around for fibre broadband to come to you if you have the possibility of putting it in yourself. All you need is one good wifi reception area and then you can carry out across the land to other local consumer points. But that’s the rub, how do you get the high speed broadband into the hub in the first place in order to share it out across your local network?

Another solution for people who live in rural areas and are complaining about the broadband would be to move to the city! You have the nice countryside, peace and quiet, unpolluted air and a higher quality of life and now you want all the advantages of better communications which are some small compensation for city dwellers as well. Have your pie chart and also eat it, as we say here in Rotterdam.

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5 Best Broadband Deals for the UK

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This is a guest post by Britney Baker. If you would like to guest post on the Best Broadband Deals blog please contact the editor.

5 Best Broadband Deals Reviewed:

There are many choices possible when looking for the best broadband deals in the United Kingdom, and depending on where you are located, there may be several providers and options for the same services. Deciding which deal is the best can be confusing due to the sheer number of providers and services available; sorting through the maze of options is quite a bit easier if you have some information on the types of services offered and their costs before hand.

The top 5 UK broadband deals that follow are arranged by price and usage limits from lowest to highest and represent the range of services from casual usage to high volume bandwidth demands.

Plus Net

Plus Net offers arguably the best broadband deal with services of up to 20MB download speeds for under £7.00 a month and 12 month contract terms. Plus Net is ideal for individuals that only use the Internet for checking e-mails and surfing the world wide web; the 10MB usage limit is perfect for these types of users and eliminates paying for excessive bandwidth that may never be used. There is a £25.00 set up charge for new customers that is generously offset by the low monthly price.

O2 Broadband

O2 broadband also offers one of the best broadband deals starting at £8.00 for existing customers, £13.00 for non-O2 customers, with no charge for set up. O2’s basic broadband package offers 20MB download speeds and a usage limitation of 20MB, which comes in handy for users that require more bandwidth. O2’s basic package is for a 12 month term, and they frequently offer great deals and incentives for renewing or extending services.

BT Total Broadband

BT broadband offers several broadband solutions for home, phone, and web-based applications; BT supplies a combination of hardware and software to assist with integrating computers and other broadband devices together for seamless operations. While the basic £15.99 package consisting of 20MB download speeds, 10MB usage limits, and 12 month terms is very popular, there are several combinations of services and speeds to choose from. Set up charges are just £4.99.

BE Broadband

BE Broadband - Best Broadband Deals

BE broadband uses ADSL2+ technology to deliver speeds up to 24MB with no usage limitations at all for around £17.00 a month. This service is more suited to users with high bandwidth demands for games, sending and receiving photos, transferring large files, watching movies, and more. 12 month terms and no set up costs make BE broadband one of the best broadband deals for anyone with a need for greater speed and downloading capabilities.

Virgin Media Fibre Optic

The fastest Internet speeds come through the use of fibre optics, and Virgin Media’s fibre optic network can deliver speeds upwards of 50MB. Starting at around £33.00 per month, fibre optic service is more expensive than other services, but the difference in speed is worth the added cost to those needing the highest information transfer rates available. Virgin Media’s 50MB package comes with no usage limitations or set up charges and is by far the fastest broadband service in the United Kingdom.

Fibre optic broadband - Virgin Best Broadband Deals

Each of these packages also come with several extras like e-mail addresses, network and Internet security, firewalls, and special offers for new and existing customers.

Our guest blogger Britney Baker reviews prepaid cellphones for Her latest review looked at Tracfone.

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Best Broadband Deals Without Problems

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Never mind the actual cost per month, the best broadband deals of all would be those that just keep on working well without any problems. You don’t need to be able to reach the dizzying speeds advertised incorrectly by the broadband internet suppliers, you just need an adequate browsing speed able to keep up with streaming video perhaps, not necessarily in HD all the time, but most of all reliable and not subject to slow downs and outages. Here’s an example of the sort of problems some peopel have to deal with after having signed up for a twelve month broadband deal:

The internet has been draaaaaagging the past two nights for me, any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks guys. You are good at solving things.

Whoa. That was an intense thread. Thanks for fixing the problem…I was flipping out this morning and FRAN just ASSUMED that I’D screwed something up. Of course he may just have been voicing his disapproval of my frantic text message at 7AM… Sorry dude. :)

I changed it back, so the original issue should now be fixed. Is anyone else at the house right now and using the internet? I’d like to do some quick experiments this afternoon, but if I’d be disrupting anyone, I’ll hold off.

Is it possible to have the incoming bandwidth partitioned to multiple routers, each dedicated to a specific wireless mode (i.e. one on b/g and one on n)?

So does it mean that we cannot have a N speed in our house ?

Sent from my iPad

I think I know what the problem is. I’ll have it fixed later tonight.
(short story for any nerds listening in: Right now our wireless is running in mixed b/g/n mode. Ordinarily, that’s fine because N wireless is pretty fast. However, when a client without N capabilities connects to the network, the ENTIRE network has to degrade down to b/g. This is because of the way N-wireless radios work (they’re basically multicasting G-wireless radios, so the signal is running over the same hardware). I’ve been trying to set up an environment that will insulate me from these speed drops, and I think the fact that Erika’s room is below mine means that she was inadvertently affected. I’m trying to keep these experiments confined to late at night so it’s minimally disruptive, but occasionally a side effect will slip through, apparently. Ultimately, though, we need to find a solution to the problem, because we currently have far more bandwidth coming into the house than we can disseminate over our current wireless setup, PARTICULARLY with clients that aren’t N-compatible.)

hey – oh,

I tried to get on the magazine network this morning, but apparently I need to speak to the administrator about gaining my computer some access. Who might that be?

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2010 Best Broadband Deals

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Firstly, let me wish you a happy and prosperous new year for 2010 from all at the Best Broadband Deals Blog. We hope you’ll find our information useful and worthwhile as we review broadband options into the new decade,  but let’s also hope you won’t need to switch broadband deals too often!

As for New Year predictions, well we think the mainstream basic broadband and telephone packages will continue to be subjected to price competition, with entry level broadband packages appearing that start from as little as £4 a month. More and more people will be demanding better performance and opting for the ‘business’ or ‘superfast’ or heavy user broadband deals, with a spotlight being shone brightly onto teh exact meanings of unlimited and uncapped.

As the concept of the family computer and family phone line recede into history, so each household member will be wanting individual broadband services to go with their individual mobil phone number. This will most likely be provided through an improved kind of mobile broadband using new generation dongles, but the landline plus wifi router access point will live on in parallel for a few years yet.  And that’s all going on at the same time as the shift towards widespread use of smartphone internet access as the total number number of laptops in use reaches some kind of plateau.

And that’s as far as I’m prepared to stick my neck out for now, so thanks for reading the Best Broadband Deals blog during 2009 and do stay subscribed for further developments.

Happy New Year.

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Best Broadband Deals in the Countryside

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Best Broadband Deals if you live in the countryside

Which are the best broadband deals if you live in the countryside or want to move to a remote part of the country?

It’s a problem that has no easy answer but it well worth researching if having a good fast broadband internet connection is important to you, but you also want to be able to live somewhere where the quality of life is different to that in the cities. If you already live somewhere that doesn’t have the best broadband deals that many city dwellers enjoy available to you then you you’ll still want to get the best internet service you can, possibly regardless of the price really. Working with a slow internet is both inefficient and also unpleasant and frustrating so paying a bit more just to get the kind of service that others would take for granted is still worthwhile.

The key factor is coverage.

So how do you find out if your area or intended area is covered by the better broadband internet service suppliers? Well one way to find out is to go to the various broadband ISPs websites and find the part which deals with enquiries about coverage. There you will be asked for a postcode, landline telephone number, or both. From this you’ll get an answer which tells you whether it will be possible to order a broadband package deal from that supplier, but it won’t really tell you how fast the eventual internet connection is likely to run at. That’s because the ultimate connection speed is going to depend on a number of factors including the quality of the wiring into your house and the distance from the telephone exchange. The state of the specific telephone exchange local to the house is important too. If it’s an old one that hasn’t be upgraded to work with modern fast broadband, then you could be stuck for a long time without a slow internet connection until BT finally decide to get around to upgrading that exchange.

But you might not find out that the internet connection is impossibly slow at your new house in the countryside until after you’ve already moved in! How annoying is that?

Researching Best Broadband Deals

So my suggestion is that you do some research on the ground rather than from your computer. You’ll need to find out if any prospective neighbours have already grappled with the rural broadband problem and see which solutions they have come up with. Be careful though, because the potential service from just half a mile down the lane might be very different, so if you find a good result nearby then try to check that they are actually connected to the same telephone exchange as the house you are thinking of moving in to. You might be able to do this by looking at the telegraph poles and wire going from the road to the houses, or by enquiring at BT themselves.

It may sound extreme to base a decision on whether or not to buy or rent a particular property partly on the availability or otherwise of best broadband deals in the exact location, but if your work or other large part of life is dependent on using an acceptably fast broadband in the house then it’s going to have a big impact on everyday living and just getting by more easily.

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Best Broadband Deals for Switching Over

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Best Broadband deals for switching

In order to get the best broadband deals available , you have to keep an eye on the market’s current offerings all the time and then be prepared to switch from one broadband deal to a better one on occasion. That’s all very well but to be honest, I don’t switch myself until I really have to and that’s going to be because the service has deteriorated since I originally signed up or else the broadband service provider has been taken over by another once. It’s not much fun being left on a legacy service, the customer service is abysmal and the price schemes become terribly uncompetitive. That’s the trouble with inertia, which is the term for customers putting up with an existing service rather than switching to a better value one.

Shorter Term Broadband Deals

One thing which tends to deliberately encourage inertia is the length of contract insisted upon, with penalties for ending early so watch out for that one. It may well be worth paying a little bit more per month to be on a contract which you can terminate at any time in order to take advantage of the best broadband deals rather be stuck with one for as long as 18 months in some cases.


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BE Broadband – Best Broadband Deal if lucky to get it

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Right now it’s looking like an overwhelmingly convincing argument that BE Broadband are the best deal of the moment, but only if you are lucky enough to live in an area where it’s enabled. That’s because they’re using the new 24Meg system which is a step up from normal broadband, and it’s only been introduced in certain telephone exchanges, mostly in the higher density population areas, but by no means not all of them. The BE Broadband package is for the up to 24Meg internet connection, unlimited transfers with no caps, limits or traffic shaping and costs £17.50 a month on a 12 month contract. Even if you can’t get the 24Meg yet, you’ll still get 8Mb or whatever your exchange can handle, and then be all set up for when the new faster internet comes to your exchange. BE are rolling out the new service to exchanges nationwide and you can check your own exchange to see when the new BE fastest broadband deals are coming to you, if not already.

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Best Dongle Deals

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Ben and James examine the Vodaphone Summer Roaming dongle deal which turns out to be one of the best dongle deals.

Video Diary: James and Ben on Vodafone’s Summer Roaming from The Really Mobile Project on Vimeo.

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What’s the Best Mobile Broadband Dongle Deal

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What’s the Best Mobile Broadband Deal on Pay as you Go with a dongle currently in the UK? It’s important that there’s good coverage in areas such as Cornwall and Fife, and a flexible system so we can charge it up for plenty of gigabits of bandwidth in busy months, then leave the broadband connection idle without attracting fixed charges during the rest of the year.

The main problem seems to be not being able to predict in advance whether the broadband dongle is going to work or not in any specific house in a remote location until you get there and try it.

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